The two evenings this week Mom and I have just been utterly exhausted, and I just couldn’t stay awake to write more — but I’ve made notes about thigns not to forget to mention, so I’m hoping to write this evening and post tomorrow morning (your evening tomorrow).  Wish me luck!

In any case, I am being successful in loading some pictures, if you’re interested.  I was goign to make an album on facebook for people to see but, for some reason their pic. ap. is just too slow and convoluted for my poor limited broadband here.

The first place a group of them are located at is :


If you look to the right there’s a browse button, and you can click forward and back on that.  There are maybe 15 pictures there.

I didn’t realize it when I opened the flickr account, but you’re relatively limited on space, which kind of makes sense for the purpose of the site, but I need more. So I’m loading a different, larger group of pics to a snapfish account.  Anyone got a better idea for a good photo site?  Taht was just the thing that came to mind, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this. Anyway, here is the link:

Enjoy! I’ll be loading photos from the Forbidden City soon.

Miss you all!!


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  1. you could just use the google one, picassa, that links to your email and other files.

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