aaaaaaaand…. I’m back

To my dear friends and family who made clear their sorrow at the lapse in my writing — I’m back. Please forgive the intermission… If you weren’t already aware, I have recently moved back to China, with the intent of a more long term, but ultimately just as impermanent a stay as before. For the interest of those who might wonder what day-to-day is like in China, I’ll try my best to return to relating my thoughts on life as an ex-pat.




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3 responses to “aaaaaaaand…. I’m back

  1. Mark

    Almost one in the morning after a pleasant but tiring evening of swing dancing and I’m up clicking on random bookmarks I have to prevent going to sleep quite yet, and what do I find, Katherine updating her China blog again! I’ll have to keep checking in again!

    • Haha Glad to see you saw it again 🙂 and also glad to hear you’re swinging still! I just got invited to a swing dance club here in beijing — “Lots of Americans! Lots of foreigners” was the selling point when the girl told me about it. haha.

      • Mark

        Oh that’s excellent! Have you been very often? I’ve been doing my best to be active in the swinging here…They have a lesson every Wednesday now, and one of the local bars swings every Thursday night too. It was a Valentine’s Weekend dance that I was at right before my last post here, though…Three days of swinging in a row at that point!

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