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Where’s my … Razor?

I know where the razor is but I need a new blade.  So I went shopping.  I needed some things for dinner, and as the local grocery store has a sizable section of toiletries, I thought I’d just make one trip of it and get it all in one shot.

Passed the aisle full of shampoo and conditioner, the aisle full of hair styling products, of diapers, and finally found the large section of men’s shaving needs, but when I continued to look I found nothing for women.  Where are all those fruity/flowery shaving creams, the pastel colored razors and the bottles of hair removal creams.

I decided that maybe I just need to go to a store with more options.

There’s an American style drug store in the basement of my apartment building.  They have everything – just like the one near you.  Creams, lotions, hair sprays, hair creams, makeup, age defiers, a teeny tiny section of men’s needs, and a whole ton of whatever else it takes to make a girl (and in this case, usually a Chinese girl) beautiful – such as skin whitening creams.

But again no women’s razor blades, not a single feminine shaving product.

What’s the deal? Do Chinese girls not shave their legs? Do they have hairy arm-pits?

I’ve never noticed that the women are very hairy.  Did I miss it?  Do Chinese women not have body hair?

I finally decided on a men’s razor and a musk scented shaving gel.  At least I’m assuming that’s what it is, since the bottles are all in Chinese.

If you happen to be in the marketing division of some feminine hygienic product line, I’d highly suggest tapping the Chinese market.  Apparently there’s 500 bajillion Chinese women who haven’t experienced the joys of raspberry flavored shaving gel!

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